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  • Sergio Visinoni

    Sergio Visinoni

  • Adevinta


    Creating perfect matches on the world’s most trusted marketplaces.

  • Andrea Milan

    Andrea Milan

    Product Lead @ Subito (Adevinta). Ex Jobtome & TransferWise

  • Anton Chuchkalov

    Anton Chuchkalov

    Software engineer (10 years with Ruby) and a happy human being. Got master degree in Saint-Petersburg, lived in New York, finally settled in Barcelona.

  • Nil Portugués

    Nil Portugués

    Programming is craftsmanship and should be treated as such.

  • leboncoin


    French leader of Classified Ads — leboncoin.fr

  • Florence Aretz

    Florence Aretz

    Consumer tech enthusiast, Investment Director @Adevinta Ventures.

  • The Practical Developer

    The Practical Developer

    Great coding resources and commentary. Sometimes wise, sometimes ridiculous, always helping you become a better developer.

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