The death of the office — 5 reasons why it won’t happen

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

The logistics

Domestic internet connections are cheap and available, but they’re not reliable nor redundant.

The social aspect

The 8–9 hours spent in the office are the longest activity we do on a daily basis. More than we spend with our loved ones, our friends, our pets, our Playstations.

The lack of effective communication

Not all employees are straight-forward about their problems. Actually, I would say that the overwhelming majority of employees are not straight-forward about their problems.

The difficulty of offering fair compensation

  • San Francisco 134k USD / year
  • Barcelona 43k USD / year
  • Bucharest 24k USD / year

What is the definition of “equal pay” on a global scale? The actual number on the payslip or the associated purchasing power?

The security

The human part has always been the weakest link of information security.

So no working from home?




Trust me, I used to be an engineer!

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Tudor Barbu

Tudor Barbu

Trust me, I used to be an engineer!

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